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Technology Gyan

All you need to know about LOST.DIR folder on Android devices

Today we will talk about a mysterious folder that we find in the folder of all mobile. Yes guys, this is such a folder.Which you can never delete.Even if you do. Then the folder will be deleted for some time.But when you switch off t... Read More

Technology Gyan

Now it is possible to talk without voice.

In today's time, technology is touching the peak of the big advancement.Such inventions are happening now in time. It is not possible to think it.It seems just imagination. This is the loss of progress or benefits. This will... Read More

Technology Gyan

Now whatsapp will connect with bank account and the world's smallest phone.

Hello friends, you are very welcome in our blog. So friends, today we will talk.The notification of the money withdrawn from the bank will now come directly to your whatsapp.Hey guys listen to you perfectly well. According to HT, Ind... Read More

Technology Gyan

Use these methods to keep your mobile phone safe from the hacker.

In today's time where {Technology} has made progress. The {Technology} is also being used in the wrong way. The methods used by everyone are different. Somebody is using technology to know someone's privacy. So someone, to ha... Read More

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