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In what ways hackers hack your account.

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In today's digital era, all our work is online. Ordering some items no need to got ot market.You must have the knowledge of digital transaction to order this.Where you have its advantages. You are also at risk of getting your account hacked.

The look of hackers is on your bank account.If you do any transaction you need an atm or debit card.By hacking these information, hackers hack your account. Hackers use a new way.

Thereby, he can get the information of your account. Hackers mainly use these two methods. SIM card cloning and masking.In masking, when you withdraw money from the bank with an ATM or debit card.

So you are given the information via email or message in mobile. Hackers can hack money from your account by hacking this information.

The other way

Sim card cloning. When you do any online transaction. So one otp comes.

Without this {OTP} none of your transactions is complete. So hackers hack your proof. Block your SIM card and activate the new SIM card and your {OTP} will come on his mobile.This way they hack your account.


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