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Use these methods to keep your mobile phone safe from the hacker.

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In today's time where {Technology} has made progress. The {Technology} is also being used in the wrong way. The methods used by everyone are different. Somebody is using technology to know someone's privacy. So someone, to harm anyone. As we are connecting with technology. We have to understand the ways to avoid the dangers that happen to him.

Today is our topic. mobile. No one is there today. Who does not use mobile Mobile is such a dangerous object. After hacking, anybody knows your full details can get in the moment. In today's time, we keep all our information stored in our mobile. Such as account number, PIN number, ATM card, or any important information. Which we store in our mobile for fear of forgetting.

And if you do not use lock in your mobile then this is the best thing for hackers. By which they easily hack your mobile and get all your private information very easily.

Today we know. About some tips from which you can improve your mobile. It also becomes difficult for hackers to hack your mobile. First of all use 6 digit {Passcode} in place of 4 in your mobile. By using 6 digits it becomes difficult to estimate the password 100 times and activate the Self {Destructive} feature with {Passcode}. To activate this feature in iPhone, you will need to going into the settings and going to {Touch ID} & {Passcode} section and {activate} it.

The advantage of this is . That if your mobile is stolen. After the theft, if someone will enter the wrong password 10 times. All data on mobile will be automatically deleted. In this way nobody will be able to read personal information lying in your mobile.

Keep updating your mobile from time to time. The advantage of {Updating} is this. That if the company gets to know how hackers can access your mobile by using which {Technique}? So the company removes that bug and the new one update version launches. Which makes your mobile more safe. So keep in mind. Updating mobile is very important.

So, by taking these small steps, you can secure your mobile and mobile information.


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