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So it was like the birth of {internet}.

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The internet is a very big trap. In which  millions of {users} transfer their information each day. You have been using the internet for many years. Nowadays, a small child who did not even go to school. He also uses the Internet very well. Do you know. What's the {Internet}. And how does it work. If not, watch the video until the end.


A lot of interesting bets will be found. Initially it was used at the end of {Private Network}. In 1969, the world made the first step in the illusion of the Internet. The Internet was born from a {R.P.A.N.E.T} institution. This institution was part of the US Department of Defense. Initially, this network was created to send secret message through computers. Initially, only five computers were {Connect} between each other. But by the time elapsed, till 1972, the network spread in the whole world. Today we use the Internet for {Data Transfer}.

It comes in watching movies, listening to songs or doing some search. All this information will not get us without the router. Which we also call {WI-FI}. And it is {Connect} with the {Router} server. It is very necessary to transfer the information. When you transfer a file from one computer to another computer. So that is {Transfer} through a {protocol}.


Which is called {IP}. means Internet Protocol . Every {System} has its own separate IP. Through which is possible to track your information. Which page of website you open and now what are you doing on your computer? Whatever you search on the net All those sites have {Connect} with the World Wide Web.


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