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Now it is possible to talk without voice.

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In today's time, technology is touching the peak of the big advancement.Such inventions are happening now in time. It is not possible to think it.It seems just imagination. This is the loss of progress or benefits. This will tell the time to come. So let's know. About such an invention Listen to which you will be filled with astonished.


Through this invention someone can hear your thoughts, without voice. This invention has been done by MIT scientists.Which is of India. The name of this scientist is Aranav Kapoor. The device from which it is possible to do all this. Its name is. {ALTER EGO}. MIT has been told in the website. That device, does not read you mind.This device has no connection with your brain's signal.

So there is no any side effect in your brain. This device works on the basis of subvocalisation.Subvocalisation is called that process. When you pronounce a word in your mind. So there are very subtle activities in your jaw. When you try to say something There are some electrical waves on the surface of your face and on the neck surface.This device catches the same waves and transforms it into colloquial language. A computer is specially designed.


Who catch those signals, converts it into the language of speaking. {ALTER EGO} The success of this depends on this.That is how accurately utters the language caught by the signal.Arnav Kapoor and his team say.This device is 92% accurate. And when this system comes in contact with the new methods of vibrations and words, its performance will get better.


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