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Now whatsapp will connect with bank account and the world's smallest phone.

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Hello friends, you are very welcome in our blog. So friends, today we will talk.The notification of the money withdrawn from the bank will now come directly to your whatsapp.Hey guys listen to you perfectly well. According to HT, India's top 5 banks are working on this new work system.So friends, if you are thinking about opening an account in the bank or your account is created. So it's great news for you.


Friends, when you used to shop for your ATM or credit card. So which bucks were used.His notification is come in your message box.But now this notification will come directly to your whatsapp. And besides, if anyone puts money in their account or you get the bucks.Its notification will be on your whatsapp.Friends, To start this service, you have to register your number in your bank account. The number on which you run your whatsapp

Right now, the State Bank, Kotak Mahindra, ICICI, IndusInd and Axis Bank are working for this service.  Friends, your bank is giving you a some another facility. Now you can register your complaints on whatsapp. For this, the bank will issue your whatsapp number on which you can write  and send your complaints.

Small mobile

So friends will tell you a another tech news. zanko company has launched the world's smallest phone.Whose name is ZANCO tiny t1. The display of this phone is 0.49 inches.The screen resolution of this phone is 64 × 32 pixels. This phone has {32 MB RAM} and {32 MB storage}. and it works on 2g technology. And its price is 40 $ .


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Aware Your Friends

In what ways hackers hack your account.

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