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Who does not know the name of {JIO}. This company has done a big bang in the telecom sector. So all the telecom companies had to think about their {Services}. jio company did not stop doing so much now. Now it is about to launch a new product. Which is broadband.


The Jio company has come with a staggering offer for its customers. Under which it is going to give 1 tb internet data free of charge to his users.Tell you that 1 TB contains 1000 gb. Now the jio company is ready to capture the world of broadband Internet via geofiber service.

{JIO} will start the high-speed Fiber to the Home {FTTH} broadband service in June of this year {2018}. {JIO} Has a network of more than 3 lakh kilometers of optical fiber.

optical fibers

At present, the company will make available this service in cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.Reliance Geo will initially provide 100 GB of data with the {FTTH} connection and when your 100 {GB} data is completed, you will be able to recharge data of 25 {GB} for 40 times for free. Overall, you get 1100 {GB} of data per month.This plan is for both domestic and business people. To apply this plan, you have to give 4500 RS security.That's refundable.


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Now whatsapp will connect with bank account and the world's smallest phone.

Now it is possible to talk without voice.

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