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All you need to know about LOST.DIR folder on Android devices

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Today we will talk about a mysterious folder that we find in the folder of all mobile. Yes guys, this is such a folder.Which you can never delete.Even if you do. Then the folder will be deleted for some time.But when you switch off the mobile.

mobile transfer

So that folder will be automatically created again. Now you must be thinking. What is the advantage of this folder for us? When we transfer data from mobile to computer. So this folder is very useful. This folder is named. {LOST DIR}. This folder is in almost every mobile phone. In which the memory card falls.

This folder works for recovery. Just like you are transferring a 1 GB movie to your computer from your mobile and then your mobile should shut down or shutdown the computer. So that the transfer folder is saved in your same folder  {LOST DIR}  and when you transfer this movie again.Then it will begin to transfer from that place.


From where he was closed. Not that it started from the beginning.So it saves your time. So keep in mind that there is no benefit to delete this folder. Because it becomes automatically created.


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So it was like the birth of {internet}.

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